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Want to Book a Cab with Us? Here Is the Know-How to Get It Done
  • How can I book a taxi from The Quick Cab?
  • You can book a taxi from The Quick Cab in 4 easy steps: 1.Go to Book a Quick Cab 2.Enter your pick-up point and drop-off point 3.Select the date of travel 4.Pay travel changes and your booking is done

  • I just booked a taxi from The Quick Cab. How do I know that my cab booking is confirmed?
  • As soon as you book a cab with The Quick Cab, you will get your booking confirmation via:
    1. SMS/Text message on your registered mobile number
    2. Email at the email address you registered with while booking the cab
    Apart from that, you can also check your particular booking details on our website under "My Rides."

  • Would it be possible to book a taxi in advance? If so how many days in advance?
  • Yes, you can. You can book a cab or taxi up to 8 days in advance from your date of travel

  • I want to travel out of Gujarat. How many cities are covered under your cab services?
  • Currently, we operate in 50+ cities – that is more than 100 routes.

  • What is a one-way trip?
  • A one-way trip is when you book a taxi with us to travel to another city from your current city. Say you want to travel from Vadodara to Ahmedabad, but won’t be coming back to Vadodara on the same day. The travel from Vadodara to Ahmedabad would be a one-way trip. Unlike other cab services, we don’t charge to and fro for a one-way trip.

  • What do you mean by roundabout trip?
  • When you travel from one city to another and return to the current city the same day from the other city, it construes as roundabout trip. So if you are traveling from Vadodara to Surat by our taxi and return to Vadodara the same day from Surat in the same cab that would be roundabout trip. Roundabout trips are one-day trips. So if you travel from Vadodara to Surat, say today but will be returning to Vadodara the next day or after two days in the same cab, that would be a special package trip and not a roundabout trip. In case you want to return the next day, you can always book a taxi on the next date of travel from The Quick Cab.

Booked a Cab with Us? Here is All You Need to Know Post Booking

  • Now that I have booked a cab, how can I access driver and cab details?
  • Once you book a car/taxi/cab, you will receive the can and driver details 2 hours prior to your pick-up time on your registered mobile number as well as email address.
    These details will also be made available when you log in to your Quick Cab account by going to:
    My Rides > Select Your Upcoming Ride.

  • Hey, the can I booked didn’t show up! What do I do now? Do I get help?
  • Yes, it is possible at times that the cab you booked doesn’t show up due to situations beyond our control. The reasons could be natural calamities such as heavy rains, storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. It could also happen due to the cab getting caught in traffic blockades, or road repair due to which roads are inaccessible. When this happens, we will usually inform you an hour or two in advance by calling your registered mobile number (or as soon as we get to the root cause of the issue, whichever is earlier). If the trip was pre-paid, we will refund the entire amount to your bank account without deducting cancellation charges.

  • Hey, I just had a change of plan – how can I update the change so that it reflects in my cab booking?
  • The best way is to cancel your existing can booking and make a new one. Just in case you are thinking if you need to pay cancellation fees, no, we don’t charge any cancellation fees.

  • Well, the cab I booked is yet to show up? Grrr... How are you going to solve that?
  • We understand the need to be on time very well. We are usually known for being on or before time (98% of the time, we are on or before time). In the rare 2% case that your cab doesn’t reach you, please call us immediately (Number: 635-654-4544) and we will make alternative arrangements for you ASAP (that would be our first priority towards you). In case, we are unable to make alternative arrangements, we will refund you the charges that you paid us online.

Bumpy Ride and Grumpy Driver? Here Is the Solution

  • Oh! My driver is asking for extra payment? Should I pay him?
  • Absolutely not! We let you know about the fare when you book a taxi, so if your driver asks you to pay extra, just refuse. Not just that, do drop us a complaint regarding the same. If the driver is persistent or causing issues, feel free to give us a call right away on our 24X7 helpline, 635-654-4544.

  • I am not comfortable with the driver of the cab I booked. Would it be possible for me to change the driver during the course of the trip?
  • Your comfort during the trip is our priority. If you are facing a problem with the driver (or even with the cab for that matter), just give us a call on our 24X7 helpline, 635-654-4544 and tell us your problem. We will assess the situation and change the driver or the cab if the situation warrants it.

  • Oops! I am late. Will your cab wait for me a little while?
  • Sure – our can will wait for 30 minutes from your pick-up time. Post that, the booking will be automatically cancelled by our system. If you are going to be late by more than 30 minutes, we request you to please cancel the existing booking and re-book/enter a new booking with updated timings.

  • I hope your drivers are well-versed with the routes and locations to the destination city.
  • Yup, they are. Our drivers are experienced and quite well-versed with the routes and major city areas (that means, they will know the city you are traveling to, but may need help with the by-lanes and service roads to your home.
    In case, you find yourself hitting a dead-end with the routes, Google Maps Navigation is sure to help you out.

  • Just worried what will happen to my trip if the cab I book break downs during the journey?
  • That would be a rare case as we make sure to verify all our cabs on 23 parameters. Having said that on the rare occasion that one of our cab may develop an operational or mechanical problem anytime during your journey, please let us know immediately on our 24X7 helpline, 635-654-4544. We will send you one of our back-up cabs at the earliest.

Thanks for the Ride! Have a few more questions.

  • I wanted an invoice for the trip that I completed with The Quick Cab. Where do I get that?
  • Just request the same from your registered account. We will send the invoice to your registered mobile address and email.

  • The cab driver charged me extra fare from the pre-decided one?
  • You should have let us know the moment he asked for extra fare. Didn’t know that? No worries. Better late than never. Just let us know ASAP (as in immediately) and we will refund the amount to your Quick Cab wallet within 3 working days.

  • Would you be open to feedback?
  • We would love to have one. We are open to everything – bouquets and brickbats, and everything in between. You feedback is what inspires us to make our services better. If you loved traveling with, we are happy. If you didn’t we would love to know what we can improve to make your next ride with us a happy one. We promise to reach out to hear your woes within one working day.

Wondering How Our Fares and Charges Work? Here You Go…

  • Can I check the fare before booking a taxi?
  • Yes, absolutely. You can check out the fare of your trip beforehand on our website by entering your pick-up city and drop off city and check the fare for the same.
    Apart from the trip fare are there any other charges that I need to know about?
    Normally, our fare constitutes of Fare + Service Tax (6% of the Fare) + Toll Tax + Parking Fees (if any).
    We are transparent when it comes to our charges and fares. We have no hidden charges.
    In the rare case that the driver of the cab overcharges you (anything apart from the pre-decided fare), please let us know immediately and we will refund the same within 3 working days to your Quick Cab wallet.

  • Do your charge for waiting if I am going to be late?
  • Not till the first 30 minutes from your pick-up time. Thereafter, there will be a charge of ₹100/hour. Or you can cancel the trip and book again via our website.

  • Do you include Toll Tax in your charges Toll Tax? How do you charge it?
  • Toll Tax charges are levied as per NHAI/authorities’ directives to whatever is the applicable rate. Toll Taxes are included in our one-way trips. For the others, you need to pay it directly at the toll booth. We also do not include toll tax in our invoice. In case you need a receipt or invoice of the toll tax, please collect it at the toll booth kiosk. With FASTag, the driver of the cab will get receipt via text as well as email and you can collect the same from him.

  • How are parking charges levied?
  • International/Domestic airports as well as railway stations charge for parking. At a few airports, the first 5 minutes of parking are usually free so you can time the park and wait accordingly. Parking fees are to be directly paid (the slip collected) by you to/from the authorities.

Hey, Let Me Know about Your Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • If I cancel the trip, what would your cancellation charge?
  • Changed your travel plan? We got that…happens sometimes. We do not have cancellation charge policy so don’t worry. Go ahead, book your trip in advance – you can cancel the ride from our website anytime until the journey starts.

  • I cancelled my ride with Quick Cab. When will I get a refund?
  • Once you cancel a ride with us, we automatically put you in the "refund queue." It should be ideally done in 35 working days and will reflect in your statement based on how you made the payment.

How Do You Process Your Billing/Payments?

  • I want an invoice of my previous ride – how can I get one?
  • Easy – you can request a copy of the invoice from your app or from your registered account of The Quick Cab. We will have it sent to your registered mobile number/email address.

  • Hey, do I need to pay for the ride in cash or can I make online payment?
  • At Quick Cab, we give you multiple payment options. You can make a choice that is convenient to you. We have both pre-paid as well as post-paid facilities. You can choose to make the payment at the end of the trip directly to the driver of your cab or you can also make the payment in advance at the time of booking via your credit/debit card, net banking, PayTM Wallet, PayUMoney Wallet, etc.

Let Me Know about the Types of Cabs That You Have

  • I don’t want an AC Cab. Do you have a Non-AC taxi?
  • Nope, we don’t have non-AC cabs. All our cabs are AC cabs as we like to maintain the quality & cleanliness of our cabs. However, you can request the driver to raise/lower the temperature as needed or switch it off altogether.

  • What type of 4-wheelers do you have?
  • We have 3 types/categories of 4-wheelers - Hatchback, Sedan, and SUVs
    Under these 3 categories, we have the following brands:
    Hatchback: Indica Vista, Wagon R, Swift
    Sedan: Swift Dzire, Tata Indigo, Toyota Etios, Hyundai Accent, Honda Amaze
    SUV: Toyota Innova, Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Enjoy

  • Do you have a limit on the luggage that I can carry with me during the trip?
  • Overloading is always risky. For your safety as well as the drivers’ here is how we work out the math of number of passengers the luggage for each category of four-wheeler:
    Hatchback: 1 bag and 4 people (will not have a carrier)
    Sedan: 2 bags and 4 people (will not have a carrier)
    SUV: 3 bags and 6 people (we cannot guarantee if the car will have a carrier)
    For your safety, we do not recommend putting your luggage on the car seat.

  • Do you do corporate tie-ups?
  • Yes, we do – just drop us an email at and we will reach out to you.
    Do you allow pets when traveling?
    As much as we love pets and find them adorable, we cannot allow pets in our cabs. This is primarily to maintain cleanliness. Plus, some passengers (as well as drivers) may be allergic to pets and pet hair.

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