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Most-often, booking a taxi to travel from one city to another is seen as expensive. Given the comforts of traveling in a cab, most cab operators charge a hefty amount as travel expenses. That is the first hurdle we wanted to cross with The Quick Cab. Affordable cab traveling for everyone. The second hurdle? How often have you baulked at the idea of paying a two-way fare for a one-way travel. If our guess is correct, often. Why pay for the services that you are not going to enjoy? With Quick Cab we wanted to make sure that one-way traveling meant one-way fare and not two-way. For us at Quick Cab, affordable and fair-charge travelling are two important core-values that we live for our customers. The results are showing.

Today, we are the trusted travel companion for more than 30K customers and are on the way to become one of India’s leading one-way inter-city cab service provider. Over the years we have built our presence in 50+ cities across the country – that is an awesome 100+ routes and counting.

So how about joining the ranks of our 30K satisfied customers? We would love you to travel with us. Do reach out to us for your next travel requirement.

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